Vegas With Kids

Most Vegas-aholics will tell you to leave the kids at home - despite the things to do with kids, it's not really a kid friendly destination. Others disagree. I met two 14-year old boys standing behind me in line at Payards at Caesars Palace, and they said they were having a blast - (they also highly recommended the brownies at Payards which I bought on their say-so, and wow- yum). They liked the various roller coasters, arcades, and had been to some of the Cirque shows, which they rated highly. (Even the Disney Family Travel site okays some of the Cirque shows for kids ).

Anyway. Since then I've been watching for posts about kids and Vegas. Some folks will always take their kids to Vegas - and here is some of the wisom I've collected.

Best off the strip - Red Rock Casino comes in rated pretty highly as a kid friendly place. (tho, ouch! watch for the "resort fee" they tack on to the room rate - a hefty $24.95/day). On the Strip, Circus Circus is considered fun for the kids, but a little run down so far as Las Vegas hotel/casinos go. The rides at the Stratosphere are a hit with kids of all ages. Ditto Mandalay Bay's wave pool and shark reef.

Here's a link to all the Disney Travel recommendations, though I totally disagree that the Forum Shops at Caesars are good for kids. The moving/talking statues are cool - and kid friendly - but the crowds are enormous most of the time and it's a lotta, lotta walking to get to the the venues. Not worth it unless you also want to stop at the Forum Shops gelato stand and pay $18 for two scoops of gelato.

Here's a link to the kid recommendations - and I wholeheartedly agree that the Ethel M chocolate factory and cactus garden is a must see. What? I've never seen it? Well, that's true, but I keep MEANING to.

Of course, if you are going to run all around seeing the kid friendly sites, when do you have the energy and time to go out and enjoy the grown up side of Vegas?

My guess is it's hardest for the 18-21 year olds ... they are so close to being grown up that the bars, clubs, music are really appealing but Vegas cards people like crazy.

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