2009 Trippies - best and worst of Vegas - are in

Vegas Tripping has posted this year's Trippies, which for those who don't know, is the Oscar of all things Las Vegas.

Every year hoards of Vegas residents, fans, fanatics etc vote on the best and worst in several categories - downtown hotel, strip hotel, casino, slots, buffet, etc etc. In addition to the reader votes, the site has an editor-recommended vote for best/worst in each category.

If you pride yourself on keeping up with what's working well in Vegas, and which once-hot-place is now so-yesterday, this is it.


Gaming Guide - an overview of craps, poker, let it ride and more

Thanks to Vegas Tripping I came across the gaming guide on the CityCenter (Aria) web site. This is a handy reference including pictures of the table layouts for many games.

It's not completely intuitive - but when you get to the front page of the guide there is a pull down menu on the bottom left. Just select the game you want to find, and when it comes up on the screen, double click to enlarge the image. Poker, BlackJack, Craps, Let it Ride etc are all explained, and it's enough information to get you acquainted.

By way of critique, I can't image why they printed the copy in a hard-to-read light blue, but I've long-since learned that web designers without serious UI experience are prone to sell clients on silly design errors, and no one says,"You're an idiot."

Vegas casinos in general don't pay serious attention to the usability of their web sites, and frequently stint on information or include design tactics that no respectable dot com would ever do. For that matter, most casinos suffer from design problems in all their materials. Caesars Palace once sent out a magazine that was so unreadable throughout that I wrote the general manager (and to his credit, it did improve in future editions.

Well, all that is another story, for another time. For now, bookmark the Aria gaming guide and the next time someone says, "I'd like to play craps but it looks so intimidating..." you know where to go.