Here's proof Vegas is not too expensive...

We-who-love-Vegas know that it's dirt cheap right now to visit, but there is still a bit of a sting in the hubbub a few months back, about Las Vegas being too much of an upscale destination for business meetings in these cash-strapped times.

The Convention bureau is busy placing articles about why Vegas is a great business destination, and I decided to do my bit too.

Here's proof Vegas is not too opulent:

From the Times of India, a story about a doggie boutique hotel in Los Angeles and in it:

"At 110 dollars a night for the top room, some rates at the sleek establishment outstrip those found at popular tourist destinations. Las Vegas's MGM Grand recently offered rooms at $52 a night."

If it's cheaper to stay at the MGM Grand than to board your dog, then it must be time to place your convention in Las Vegas. Yes?


Getting fit for the World Series of Slots

Thursday, April 9th, 2009 Who knew Vegas casino bosses were so witty - here's a very funny post about the upcoming World Series of Slots being held in Las Vegas...from a fitness point of view.
Before you click over, what exercises would YOU recommend...