Caesars Vegas properties say show me the money - the resort fee money

The big, "No resort fee" campaign just went down in smoke, as all the Caesares properties have added resort fees as of March 1, 2013.  Yes, the famous "We won't do it" figured that no matter how much guests hate it, they don't cancel trips because of it, and have announced that they are charging a resort fee of $10 - $25 per day for all of its Vegas properties.

And why? According to the coverage, guests requested it: “We do a lot of surveys of our customers and most of them were, one, accustomed to paying resort fees at our competitors and, two, they wanted us to provide them with a package price instead of having the inconvenience of separate fees,”  according to spokesman Gary Thompson. 

This is spin that's bad by any definition.

Vegas just keeps getting less fun.