Vegas - number 2 to Istanbul?

Surprise, surprise. I read in Sunset Magazine (Feb 2009) ... that Las Vegas ranks second in the world as the city with the most weddings....right after Istanbul. (for your trivia file: Valentines Day is number one choice in Vegas, New Years Eve is second. Can't speak to number one day in Istanbul)

(ED NOTE: A quick Google search picked up the same stat in the LV Sun, which states: Second in the world only to Istanbul, Turkey, in the number of weddings performed annually, Clark County hosted 108,000 weddings last year, down from 112,000 in 2006, continuing an annual drop that began after nuptials peaked at 128,500 in 2004.)

And btw, in case you missed it in 2006, the license bureau is no longer on a 24/7 schedule.