Vegas Fun Away from the Casinos

From - sure it seems like B-Roll PR material, but it's still fun. Golden Nugget water slide, Rio's bar, Lake Mead and more. A perfect Vegas fix in 76 seconds.

Looking for Bargains?

Check out the page on that lists dozens of promotions from the various hotels and links you to them.

For instance, here's an offer from MGM Grand - Ultimate Escape OfferFrom $59! - $25 Entertainment credit (KA or Crazy Horse Paris), 2 for 1 Grand Spa access pass, 15% off Spa Services Promotion Runs July 17, 2008 - September 30, 2008 Promo Code: SDM057 [editor's note: headline DOES say $59, however, those dates must have passed - when I clicked through $69 was the lowest available - however, still a good rate]

Or if you've always wanted that special VIP service, check out this. From $310! - Personal airport greeter with limo service to and from Mandalay Bay, Exclusive invited guest registration window upon arrival, Flowers and welcome amenity in your suite, Nightly turndown service, Complimentary line pass to all Mandalay Bay nightclubs and lounges, Preferred spa appointments, Access to Mix Lounge and the House of Blues Foundation Room, Preferred seating at our premium Restaurants, Preferred golf tee times Promotion Runs July 8, 2008 - May 31, 2009 Promo Code: GOLDKEY (Exp May 31, 2009)

Thinking About Luck

Luck. It's a big topic. One I'll write about often.

There is all sorts of luck. Since we're thinking of Las Vegas in this blog, I'm wondering, what's your pre-Vegas ritual of gearing up with lots of good luck energy? If you have songs, chants, items, rituals, please share.

Las Vegas - Not All Glory and Fun

At times this is how I feel about Vegas - I so want to be there but then when I am, it's just so-so.
My luck is bad, the casino smoke has made me sick, I've scarfed down food too fast, my senses are so kicked up I can't sleep, and I can barely breathe in the heat. It's a Vegas I need to remember so I don't get all romantic about the place. I just get plain bored with being a nameless face in the casino crowd.
There is plenty to do in Las Vegas - plenty of non-gambling things to do - but it's easy to let the sheer overload of it all numb your senses.
I'm hoping that some others will write in and tell me I'm not alone.

Welcome to Thinking of Vegas

Sometimes I just want to think about Las Vegas - I want to get away from what I'm doing, enter the fantasy, hype, anything is possible world. If that's you too, send in your posts - best casino? luckiest place for craps? for slots? worst slot service?

Maybe you can join me as blog author - if I can figure out how to get forums on the blog I'll add that, but I'm thinking it's not possible. So send stuff in as comments and if it's Vegas worthy, I'll copy it over as a post.