Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

There are already an abundance of  pics throughout the web showing the Cosmopolitan Hotel's rooms and art, so during my recent stay, I focused on some of the smaller details that I liked about the hotel.

I liked the wall paper in the toilet area - and when you look below, you'll see the design upclose.  Like everything in the hotel, there are little "delights for the eyes" everywhere

I liked that the tv in the sitting area of the terrace studio room had plenty of ways to connect devices easily

Throughout the public areas there are all sorts of interesting sitting areas.  Above and below are two that caught my fancy

I liked having a micro - I was able to warm water for a cuppa tea w/o paying room service $10 to deliver it
I loved the display windows in the retail stores - here is a shop on the second floor of the hotel - looking close (below) you'll see it's hundreds of antique sewing machines, and it's impossible not to get carried away with the idea of the stories each one represents

So the mini-bar is in keeping with the demographics of the hotel:  a $7.50 box of condoms

Even in the casino there is digital art - in the section of the casino along the Strip, there are small beaded enclosures with slot machines and constantly changing digital images


Muhammad Amir said...

The prices are incredible. The lights and noise vegas are overwhelming. Last night it took 45 minutes to drive two blocks because Kaskade was DJing at the hotel next door.

amyrabinovitz said...

I agree that Vegas has become unrelenting to the senses and pocketbook! Though I will say that around the Strip, traffic has always been miserable.