Rumor Boutique Hotel opens in Vegas

With a barely-there web site, Rumor Hotel, a "boutique chic" hotel across from the Hard Rock Casino has  opened on the site of the former St. Tropez hotel. 

Here's the Las Vegas Sun article about it, which briefly describes the concept and sounds pretty appealing.  There are a lot of folks who long for some sanity and a tranquil spot away from the Strip. 

I had hoped the web site would be more informative, but alas, I think they forgot about the web site until a day before opening and then said, "oh, hey, grab some photos from somewhere and hang out a shingle that says we're open."  The web site links to Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor as press, but I can't find mention of the hotel on the page they link to.  And the photo of the rooms on the site is just gawd-awful ugly.  All in all, right now the web site makes it seem like a down-scale Motel 8.

Even the special offer advertised on the site is a measly stay a night, get a night free.  Maybe it's still in shake-down mode?  Or, uh, shake-out?  Whatever.   Anyway, good luck.  Hopefully they'll get it together and thrive.  You gotta love a Vegas hotel where the maids use purple Radio Flyer wagons.

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