Personal air conditioning looks like perfect product for those hot Vegas months

Here's a pitch that I recently saw from a PR person, which struck me as the perfect product to take to Vegas.  I haven't tried it - but if you have, add your comments. 

Temperatures are soaring; and although you want to be as active as possible and enjoy the outdoors, it’s hard to exert energy for very long in this heat!  Now there’s no need to go into hiding after 10am to avoid the hottest parts of the’s a great solution:

HANDY COOLER™ is honestly a masterpiece of personal fan engineering.  It’s the first ever handheld evaporative air cooler that literally cools the air around you and gives hours of relief from heat. It’s designed to be used on-the-go, so it’s very portable and lightweight.  It can fit into a bag easily and used anywhere to cool you down significantly and instantly. 

Simply add water to the cooling filter (included) before you leave the house and turn the power on when you need it; Handy Cooler™ will emit a comfortable refreshing breeze and cool you down.

Website is:

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cool! *pun intended