Steve Wynn is Always News to Those Who Think of Vegas

For those who follow such - here's an NYT article from Sunday, August 3, "The Chips are Down in Vegas. But Steve Wynn is Betting Big"

Here's a taste of how the writer captures Mr. Wynn, and Vegas itself:

"The give and the take. The grand gesture. The over-the-top glitz. The invocation of magic in a brew of 24/7 gambling, resort excess, ultrahigh-end shopping, fine dining and routine pampering. These are all part and parcel of a toolkit toted around for decades by the man credited with changing the landscape of the Strip and bringing a semblance of class to Sin City.

Later this year, Mr. Wynn, 66, will open his latest project: the $2.3 billion Encore casino resort, a fantasy land featuring 2,034 luxury suites, a glass-encased casino overlooking several pools, and penthouse baccarat tables for high rollers.

The Encore is also an outsize gamble by a man who has made a lucrative, freewheeling career out of such moves..."
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