Mystery with a Gimmick - How Vegas!

We love a good gimmick, so walking through Las Vegas' McCarran Airport and spotting an author signing books, with a tag, "Search for the hidden dagger worth $25,000" caught the eye of one of our contributors.

Author Stephen Grogan was cheerfully explaining to a customer (who, yes, did buy the book) how his "interactive" novel worked. Basically, the novel "Vegas Die" is a whodunit in which someone is killing the old mobsters of Vegas and the mayor becomes the No. 1 suspect.

But Grogan has added a treasure hunt for a dagger hidden somewhere in metropolitan Las Vegas. Clues to the dagger's whereabouts are buried within the pages of the mystery. The first alert reader to solve the puzzle can keep the dagger or redeem it for $25,000 cash.
["sorry honey, can't do the cub scounts. I'm going to Vegas to search for $25,000"]

Those who go in search of the $25,000 dagger have been dubbed "Questors," and need to first register at to understand the basic ground rules of the game.

Grogan has experience in playing games. He has spent fifteen years in the casino gaming industry – the last seven with a well-known game design company.

We haven't yet read the book - so no review attached - but you gotta love a guy who adds tours of sites mentioned in his book, and a treasure hunt, to his marketing plan. How Vegas is that!

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