Flair Bartending at Harrah's Carnaval Court

How have I completely missed stopping by to see the flair bartenders at Harrahs! I've stayed there a dozen times, and still, never taken the time. It's a must -- my next trip, I stop by Carnaval Court.

UPDATE; YEA - Finally made it over to the Court to see them. Pretty much like I'd seen it on TV and YouTube, though the loud base-heavy music and screaming loud conversation made it more authentic :=) I stopped by at 7 p.m. and the security guard told me it was the end of a shift so I'd see a more lively exhibition if I came back after 8. I did and he was right.

I also stopped by Shadows, the Caesars Palace bar with flair bartenders. Friday night, late-ish, but the team there seemed less into the joy of it all.

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